Five Suggestions For R&D And Entrepreneurship

Chi Zhang

Chi Zhang

Author, Head of engineer
Ran Chen

Ran Chen

Editor, Director of Community Content

I have experienced a lot during my 10 years of entrepreneurship, and here are five of the most important tips that, albeit seem irrelevant, are vital to the leadership and scccess of a programmer or an entrepreneur:

  • Thinking before questioning: Questioning is an art. SOP questions should be solved by yourselves, and you should make your questions more effective;
  • Be generous, be good at the communication with colleagues. It not only makes your work more effective, but also improves your reputation within your company;
  • Be a T-shaped person: As a programmer, you need some commonsense about operation, and vice versa.
  • Think big: Many problems are only problems for a short periold of time, but not if you think in terms of ten years.
  • Be honest: If I have to choose one personal characteristic to keep, I keep honesty. Be honest to yourself and to your colleagues.
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