How AFFINE built the DevOps workflow

Wenhao Tan

Wenhao Tan

Author, Director of Performance and Security

We built AFFiNE, an excellent next-generation local-first knowledge base software that provides most of its functionality without the need for an internet connection. However, DevOps is still an important part of our development. We have built AFFiNE's development workflow based on some excellent applications. In this article, I will introduce how AFFiNE's DevOps infrastructure is built. How these infrastructures provide our developers an excellent development experience.

DevOps doesn't have an authoritative explanation, in my opinion it means IaC, CI/CD and automated monitoring. In the following, I will describe how to implement them in a few paragraphs.

0x01 IaC

IaC stands for Infrastructure as Code. Generally speaking, if we want to implement CI/CD, we need to purchase a series of physical machines or virtual machines, and then build an application environment on these machines. To do these things through IaC, you only need to write a series of configuration files. And use the cloud service provider's secret for authorization, you can create a series of virtual machines, and configure the relevant environment on it.

At this point we have several options, such as

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